"Creation of a youth technology center for inventive creativity and engineering education"

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    Innovative technological hub for the transfer of advanced practice-oriented educational technologies
  • Center For Youth Initiatives
    The main feature of the project is the involvement of young women and men in solving urgent problems of domestic enterprises in real sectors of the economy.
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    First FabLab in Uzbekistan.
    Beacon of innovation and inventive creativity...
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  • Laboratory of robotics and programming
    It is planned to teach young people programming, robotics based on the world's best teaching practices...
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  • Conference room for brainstorming
    Provide modern technologies for activating creative thinking
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    Modern video studio is hence
    a necessity for our innovative hub
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  • Laboratory of neurocognitive research
    Impulse Neiry combines neuro/biofeedback with virtual reality. The technology consists of a modern hardware and software...
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    The laboratory of holography will serve to develop and implement holographic technologies....
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  • Laboratory of air technologies
    Within the framework of this laboratory, it is planned to train the youth the most promising world profession of the 21st century – unmanned aerial technologies
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  • Laboratory of digital fabrication
    It is planned to introduce an innovative educational solution for teaching a number of disciplines to schoolchildren and university students...
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  • Laboratory of energy efficiency
    It is planned to train the youth modern methods of metrological measurements of electricity consumption at industrial enterprises of the Republic...
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  • Laboratory of applied augmented and VR Technologies
    In this laboratory we are going to provide an all-encompassing approach to augmented and virtual reality technologies of and their applications in various industries...
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  • Laboratory of Neurotechnology
    The Center for Youth Initiatives offers a new highly effective automated technology for providing psychological support...
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  • Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence
    Within the framework of this laboratory, the youth will learn artificial intelligence (AI) using equipment from DJI Education and an innovative competition system...
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  • Laboratory of electronics, programming and robotics
    In this laboratory, we are going to teach young people electronics, programming and robotics based on the world’s best teaching practices...
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is the country of youth

In Uzbekistan, the youth under 30 years old represent over 60% of the population. Uzbekistan has an almost equal ratio of women and men. Majority of our youth study in schools and higher educational institutions. It is predicted that the demographic growth will continue. In about a decade, our youth will be the largest labour force our country ever had. Therefore, education is a development priority and a key direction. We have a unique opportunity to ensure a high level of socio-economic development in the future by providing quality education today.

The Center

The Center for Youth Initiatives is an innovative technological hub for inventive creativity and for the transfer of advanced practice-oriented education technologies.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is “development that meets the needs of the present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Sustainable development involves inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future for our people and our planet. And the three core elements include economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental protection.

Our Country committed to achieve the 2030 Agenda. Science, technology, and innovation are the instruments for achieving Sustainable Development. It is through technological development that we are able to achieve competitiveness of our country, the three core pillars of Sustainable Development, and its goals and targets.

The need for engineering professionals

It is important to introduce systemic and continuous innovations. Engineers introduce, innovate and influence the world technological development. Engineers are those who have a significant impact for communities, countries, and the world in general.

However, the world is faced with the shortage of skills in the engineering sector. So, what do we need at the moment? We need the provision of quality engineering education. And once we provide quality engineering education to our people, our people will create even more than ever before. And our people will make our country a better place.

The rapid rate of world development requires integration of innovative technological solutions in all areas of practice, at all levels of educational systems. Therefore, the Center for Youth Initiatives is trying to contribute to development of our People, of our Country. It is an innovative technology hub for inventive creativity and for the transfer of advanced practice-oriented education technologies. The aim of our hub to provide limitless opportunities, transformative technologies, and a bright future.

Our Aims



• To educate the youth the most advanced world technologies.


• To introduce advanced training methods for the new generation of engineers.


• To provide support to schools and universities.


• To ensure continuity of the engineering education from pre-school to school and then to higher educational institutions. And to, therefore, integrate a system for education for all age groups of the youth in one structure.


• To involve students in solving practical problems of the real sectors of the economy and various industries. Such as, energy, oil and gas, mining and metals, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and others.


• To contribute to equal participation of our female youth in inventive creativity and engineering activities.


• To expand the area of practice of the hub to the fields of biotechnology, bioengineering, medicine, health care, psychology, among others. We have already managed to integrate medical and psychological technological initiatives.

"We have seen various initiatives to involve women in the country’s economy. Women now represent 32% of the national parliament. The proportion of women in political parties reached 44%, in higher education – 40%, and in entrepreneurship – 35%. In May 2021, the Strategy for achieving gender equality in Uzbekistan until 2030 was approved and implemented. So, we can clearly see progress here. However, around the world, women are underrepresented in engineering, science, technology, and mathematics (STEM) activities. So, our aim is to ensure that we contribute to equal participation of our women."

Contribution to the modernisation of domestic education

The Center is trying to contribute to the development of quality engineering and technical education in the Republic. To contribute to the modernisation of domestic education.

The future of our country, its technological development and competitiveness of the economy, in turn – depend on this modernisation.

There are no analogues of the Center not only in the Republic, but in the most CIS countries.

Innovative Hub

Our Center managed to integrate the latest most advanced practice-oriented technological methods and initiatives for different age groups in one structure.

These will help us to make our vision possible and enable us to ensure the breakthrough in the engineering education system.

The methods and initiatives are the following:

  • Methodology of Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs), implemented in 37 US universities, and funded by the US Department of Energy.
  • Ideology of FabLabs, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (university) in the US, which has already enabled the creation of over 2000 (fab)laboratories around the world, in over 120 countries.
  • The vision of FabLearn, which brings together research and vision for learning for the 21st century, coordinated by Columbia University.
  • The CDIO™ initiative, which is an innovative educational framework for the training of next generation of engineers, established in over 120 educational institutions around the world.
  • The STEM approach, which combines science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and is actively developing around the world.
  • Dual education system, which combines theory and practice.

The Center

There are 12 innovative laboratories, a conference room, a video studio and arenas for robotics competitions at the Center.

Our team managed to gather equipment and software licenses from all over the world. This will enable us to start off with approved and tested technologies, and to then create our own software and methodologies.

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If you got any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Olmachi Street 17
100007 Tashkent

+998 (77) 088 39 77 (ru/uz)

+998 (77) 088 49 77 (ru/en)